Raphael Egel
is an improvisation musician and visual artist. He is Creative Director of the Center for Advanced Medical Psychedelics (CAMP) at the Brain Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil. He recently produced music and art for clinical trials with DMT.
Born in 1975 in the Black Forest, Germany, he grew up in a family of classical musicians.
In his early youth, he started to experiment with synthesizers and drum computers, soon after connecting his simple gear to an Atari computer with a built-in MIDI interface. Sometimes he samples his great grandfather or grandmother to create new music of classical recordings.Also together with his wife and brothers he produced art.
Since 2013, with the birth of his son, Raphael has been focusing on solo live improvisation with loop station, drum machine, keys, voice, and electric guitar. In addition to his engagement in painting and photography, he has been remixing his art with AI since 2019.

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